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A deep desire within my soul seeking for creativity ​and beauty is my way of living and ever-lasting legacy .


interior design algarve

Meet Mikki.F, an interior designer, ceramics artist and painter who embodies the essence of bohemian and eclectic living. With a knack for creating outstanding and exclusive spaces, Mikki's designs are the perfect blend of quirky and colourful, infused with a playful sense of whimsy, reflecting her unique personality and style. Whether it's designing a cozy living room, creating a one-of-a-kind painting, throwing ceramics, Mikki's work is always outstanding. 

Living in the Algarve, Mikki draws inspiration from her vibrant surroundings and laid-back worldwide Californian lifestyle. When she isn't working on her latest project, you can find Mikki somewhere in the world to get soaked by the greatest landscapes, local impressions and gardens gazing at all kind of shapes.

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