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Life changing! There is no one in the world who understands the colours of my fresh vegetable kitchen 'la cuisine légumiere'  as  Mikki does. She creates an art that seamlessly matches my dishes: unique, worldly, cosmopolitan.

                                                                                       - Anna, owner of The House of Wonders, Cascais Lisbon - 

Mr Frango is known for the most delicious chicken in the Algarve. Mikki's art is an added value for my restaurants. 

Her cheerful sculptures welcome my guests like no other. They are colourful, unique, confirming my perception, that art and gastronomy join hands. 

- Sir Silva Guerreiro -

Super satisfied with the redesign of our house in Silves thanks to Mikki's great and fine ideas! 


The most quirky and original art, great interior items and personalized service. 

THE BEST designer in the Alg​arve!

Theo Van Essen - Belgium

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