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the sensuality of pottery

May 18th, 2023

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With each stroke, the earth responds, yielding to the potter's touch. Fingers glide along its cool surface, tracing curves that evoke a longing. The wheel spins seductively as the form takes shape, whispering secrets of creation. The scent of moist earth lingers in the air, mingling with my heated breath. The kiln awaits, hungry for desire, ready to ignite a passionate metamorphosis. From raw clay to fiery masterpiece, pottery becomes an embodiment of sensuality, a tangible expression of my passion.

The miracle of colours 

May 8th, 2023

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Joy means sharing. The flavour of fresh vegetables - la cuisine légumière -  served on the colourful cosmopolitan ceramics of Mikki makes your taste buds tremble with delight. It connects the bohemian lifestyle of the Algarve with fresh vegetables in Cascais, the Portugese pearl near Lisbon. 

The abundance of colours on your plate will ensure you an experience you will never, ever forget. 

Longing for a dish of health?  

Keen to create your own little miracles on these ceramics plates?

Get in contact with Anna or Mikki!

The butterfly


May 1st, 2023 

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Nothing lives as freely as a butterfly. It flutters to a rhythm that only belongs to itself. Its colours shine in the warm golden rays of a radiant sun, light and bright. It instantly makes you happy. The butterfly connects my sense of art, interior design, and ceramics. It's a symbol of transformation. It leaves its old life behind and develops into a butterfly, fully in its power. This is how I feel, Mikki, sixty and reborn.

Happy fish

June 28, 2023

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Animals make me happy, the make me laugh. They have their own character, their own expression. We can learn so much from them.


A room with a view

August 26st, 2023 

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Butterflies migrate, so do I.

In July 2023 I decided to make France my breeding ground.

Here my pores breathe culture and my soul translates into colors and shapes.


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